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Roxanne has been wonderful in helping me reflect, understand my motivations/intent, and feel more confident in my role.

Janice Deguchi, Chief Operations Officer, Keiro Northwest

With Roxanne, I felt like I was working with a friend whilst, somehow, personal transformation was taking place. Priceless.

Johnny Karls; Colorado Springs, CO

As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Roxanne has a great capacity to put the right questions at the right time, and make you become aware of your barriers. She is gentle and warm and yet direct and to the point, which is a wonderful combination to open up and to move forward into action. She is solid and balanced, a person that inspires a lot of trust, you can feel you are in good hands. Her coaching has a powerful blend of curiosity and wisdom. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Cristina; Spain

Roxanne is a super coach, her approach was just what I needed. She is in tune with her clients and can take you forward in ways that will certainly be an experience to help unlock your full potential.

Sean Conley; President, ConleyGlobal

Roxanne has an amazing way of bringing values and parts of my soul out of me that I didn’t even know existed!!

Denise M; Seattle, WA